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Jun Kazama is back...

Finally, an update. I believe that Tekken Zaibatsu has been doing a more than ample job of covering Tekken 5 info so I've kept the updating to a minimum due to real life work. However, I've just given the Characters section a complete makeover and have added new artwork and profiles as well as including the Tekken 5 cast and their reasons for entering the tournament. Enjoy!

Long time no update.VERY busy with work and RL commitments now but still loves my Tekken. As a lil xmas treat, check out these new pictures. Firstly we have a coolio artwork I found of Anna and Nina as little girls. How sweet they look ;p@L@ \ 2K. I have had to reduce the size a little to conserve bandwidth but rest assured,you will not have seen these pictures anywhere else at this resolution so please enjoy =)

It also seems the Tekken 5 time release is in full swing. Confirmed now are Eddy Gordo, Anna Williams, Roger Jr and Baek Doo San. I refuse to get too excited but I have heard a very strong rumour that Jun Kazama may be making an appearance as a possible palette swap for Asuka Kazama so fingers crossed. If there is a Tekken 5 machine in the UK, I hope to see you there soon =p

Another quick update.It appears that a rumour of costume customisation in Tekken 5 is now confirmed. Tekken 5 will be available on arcade with the new graphic card enabling players to use their own data card to transfer their custom costumes to the machine, very much like the system employed in Virtua Fighter Evo. Sounds good to me!

Only a small update for today. Firstly, if you haven't seen it already, head on over to Tekken Official via the animated link below to catch a streaming version of the E3 Tekken 5 movie. An absolute must see trailer for any Tekken fan. Also, check out the 3 hi-res scans of the 3 new Tekken 5 characters. As far as I am aware, these have not been posted anywhere else yet (of this quality at least) so thanks again to my good friend Unknown for sending them to us ^o^

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